Wife moved out of state

I’m about a month away from the year and a day point and looking forward to finally ending this ordeal. I recently discovered (through checking my credit report) that my stbx, who has refused to respond to any communication since June, has been living with her boyfriend in at least a couple of different states since she moved out. I cannot say for certain where she lives now, and therein lies my dilemma.

When I file, I will need to provide a last known address for her. Assuming that she no longer lives at that address, what are the next steps? How long can I expect this process to last if she simply cannot/will not be located and/or refuses to respond?

I consulted with attorneys early on in this process, and it seemed to me that given the relative simplicity of our situation, I would be able to handle the actual divorce pro se. Would hiring an attorney to handle this from here on out possibly speed the process up?

Yes, you would try to have her served at her last known address. If it gets to where you cannot locate her, then you can try to hire a PI to locate her. If she does get served, but doesn’t respond to your Complaint for divorce, that is fine. No response means that all of the allegations within the Complaint are deemed admitted, and your divorce would proceed as usual. She will have 30 days to file an Answer after she is served.