Notice of hearing after no response from divorce complaint?


My stbx was served by the sherriffs dept April 3rd with the divorce complaint. They mailed me back a copy as well as the clerk of court. Im 99.99% positive she will do nothing and not show up as she owes me half of everything and a good bit of money. I dont want anything from her but the divorce. Im doing this without and attorney (he helped with the legal seperation and defended me against all her claims for this and that …she lost those)… What do I do after the 30 days are up with no response from her? Do I have to file a notice of hearing? If so how long will that take? I mean how long does she have to respond to that considering she didnt respond to the divorce complaint. I keep thinking it will all be over soon but every time I turn around there is more paperwork to file and wait 30 more days or X amount of days. I know I’m almost at the end but can someone explain the rest of the process and how much more time this is going to take. The last year has been brutal enough and I just want it over…


You will need to contact the clerk for a hearing date, and you will need to send your ex a Notice of Hearing. If your ex does not respond, or responds and admits all of the allegations in your complaint, you may file a motion for summary judgment. This document simply outlines the date your spouse was served, and that there are no issues of fact which are disputed, and that you are entitled to judgment as a matter of law. You will need to file this document and the clerk should give you a hearing date that is 10 days out. You must send the motion and the notice of hearing to your ex.