Time to respond

My stbx served me for divorce and I responded thru my atty by 30 days. However, it has now been about 50 days since I responded and my atty says he hasn’t heard anything from the stbx or his atty. I thought there was a 30 day time period. What is the next step? Does this mean that I win what I responded with?


If the action is one for absolute divorce only, the matter may be set for hearing by your attorney, notice sent to your ex, and the divorce will be granted at the hearing.

If there are claims for Equitable Distribution, Alimony, ect, you may file for default judgement on your counterclaims if he has not responded. You may want to check the file to ensure he did not file a motion for extension of time, which if granted would have extended his 30 day response time to 60. While your attorney should have received a copy of the document, we all know sometimes things get lost in the mail.