Atty has not filed for my divorce


I hired an attorney to handle my non contested divorce. The complaint and acceptance have been filed (I verified this with the clerk’s office). I was told it would not be a problem to complete my divorce by the end of December.

December came and went, I called his office with no return calls and sent emails. I called the clerk and my divorce was not complete.

After many calls to his office, I finally caught him there in the office and he gave me a date in January. I was told I would not need to make a court appearance. That date has come and gone and after checking with the clerks office, there was no court date scheduled and none scheduled for the month of february.

I have left 3 messages with no return call. What can I do? Can I get a full refund? My stbx could file in the county he lives in, but we would have to start the process all over again, and we need our money back to hire a new atty. What is a reasonable amount of time?


If you would like to proceed on your own you should check with the clerk’s office and find out the status of your divorce and inquire about the next steps. As far as a refund is concerned, you will need to speak with the attorney.