STBX attorney petition divorce to go through


Just found out this morning that my STBXH attorney is doing the paperwork to petition for the divorce to go through. How long does it take since the 30 days is only 8 days away?


Once the 30 day period to answer expires the attorney will likely make a motion for summary judgment, which can be set as early as 10 days after the motion has been filed.


Thank you Erin.

This is what my attorney said to me, and this was all he said.

I spoke with Vic, he is getting me their response and I can get you divorced very soon thereafter.

Now, 30 days is up in a few days. What does he mean by the last part? Do I have to wait my attorney to go into court infront of the judge or does he just leave it for the judge to sign when he is free to do so?


The process from this point depends on your county. Some counties allow for the judgments to be dropped off for the judges signature and some require the attorney be present in court. Either way it looks like this process is nearly complete.


Thank you,

I can’t wait!