Question Regarding 30 Day Extension

My STBX husband was served (as outlined in my previous message that hasn’t been answered yet) almost 30 days ago. I believe the 30 days are up at the end of this week. He has not yet responded to the initial complaint and I fear that he may file for a 30 day extension.

My question is does he need to have a good reason for the 30 day extension? He’s done nothing but sit on his butt and all he wants to do is drag this out as long as humanly possible, thinking that I’m not really going to leave. If I had the money, I’d be out of the house already but I’m praying for division of marital property, including part of his 401K so that I CAN leave and start a new life.

Does he need to have a god reason to file for the extension?? He has had legal representation the entire time as he was served through his lawyer and not with a sheriff knocking on his door (though I’m starting to think I should have gone that route!) and there is nothing that has prevented him from filing an answer through his attorney, even if it’s just to refute the initial complaint.

Thank you for your time.

The extension is granted freely, and the reason for the request is simply that the Defendant needs additional time to answer.