Waiver of Response Time, etc

My STBX and I have no children together, no debt to argue about, no alimony, no property disagreement. I have decided to do this divorce thing on my own since it seemed so simple. She didn’t get served until Dec 23rd. I am deploying overseas on Jan 21st. She signed a waiver of response time, acceptance of service, etc, but when I took it to the court, the clerk seemed very confused, kept insisting that I can’t get a court date until the 30 day time limit has elapsed. I went ahead and scheduled a court date on Jan 19th, as the next day I have to leave to report in on time. The waiver is in my case file, along with the complaint, etc. Obviously, I can’t be in court after that date. Will the judge be able to deny my divorce based on the 30 day limitation? Will he/she listen if I explain the deployment issue? If not, what can I do to make this divorce happen in time for my deployment?

Thanks for any response and advice.

The judge will not deny the divorce so long as your ex has waived time to respond further and that waiver is notarized and filed with the court.