Responing to complaint

Just ended the year separation and got my “Complaint for Absolute Divorce” and Civil Summons. As I understand it, I can either do nothing and wait 30 days to be done or I can “answer”. If I provide an “answer” and it gets filed, does it expedite the final filing? Is there a form or template to use in this “answer”? I’d just as soon get this finished up as quickly as possible and if all I have to do is send her some paperwork, I’d like to do it.

You may file an answer admitting to all of the allegations in the complaint, and if you also submit a waiver of time to further respond, the 30 day period will stop. You may also do nothing, and the divorce will be granted in about 40 days, if the Plaintiff files the proper paperwork and schedules the divorce for hearing. (you need not attend).

Is there any template to use for this. since it’s a legal document I want to make sure I say all the correct things. I plan on answering in agreement to the complaint and would like to waive time

There are forms on this website, and the clerk’s office in your county will have them as well if there is self serve center.

Unfortunately none of the forms are of a response to complaint or mention a waiver of time. Would a letter restating the facts noted in the complaint and also requesting a waiver of time be sufficient? Notarized of course. Just don’t want to do somthing that won’t be accepted.

You can simply draft a response that lists the numbers of paragraphs in the complaint and state “admitted” for each one. You may then state that you wish to waive any and all further time to answer. Have the document notorized, file a copy with the court, and send one to your ex.