Answer to divorce papers


I am not contesting the divorce. My soon to be ex filed for divorce on the 3rd of feb & i want to file an answer stating that i do not wish to contest. Does anyone have a form that I can use? I just want to get this over & done with so that he can get remarried. Thanks.


There is not a standard form, but you may easily create and answer and counterclaim with a waiver of time. You will need to include the case caption (party names, state, county, file number and court). You will then need to admit or deny each allegation in the complaint, in corresponding numbered paragraphs. You should also add a counterclaim for divorce, which will mirror your ex’s complaint. Include a statement waiving further time to answer, and a prayer for relief asking the court for a divorce.
You m ay also simply do nothing, in which case you ex can proceed after the time to answer has passed (30 days after you were served). Your ex can then obtain a hearing date, and the court will grant the divorce.