Expediting My Divorce

I filed my Complaint for Divorce in Bumcombe County today and mailed a copy to my spouse via certified mail with return receipt. I have 2 questions going forward.

  1. Does my spouse have to be the one who signs the return receipt or can another resident at that address? She is currently living with her parents so it would most likely be her mother if not her.

  2. I want to get the divorce finalized this year but with the 30 days waiting period after my spouse has been served may push the court date into 2011. Is there a way to get an earlier court date? Can that be done if my spouse sends in a notarized answer to the complaint? What should she include in the answer?

Thank you!

No, an agent of appropriate age can sign for the paperwork.
You must allow your spouse time to answer the complaint (30 days) before the divorce can be granted. If your spouse files an answer and waiver of time to further answer, you may be able to schedule your hearing in December, but it will depend on your local rules and the docket in your county.