Final judgement



I have recently filed my divorce papers. My ex signed the certified mail certificate yesterday. My question is, if he agrees to everything and wants to sign the papers do I still have to wait the 30 day period? He doesn’t want to get an attorney to file the answer, but I am assuming he can do it himself? If we both agree to the divorce why should we have to wait the 30 days until final judgement can be given?



You cannot agree to the divorce, but your ex can file a waiver of time to further answer which will allow you to move forward without having to wait 30 days.


If he chose to file a waiver how would he do that? Is that something he can do on his own without an attorney?


He can file a waiver on his own, the document needs to include the case caption, answer the allegations in the complaint, and state that he waivers further time to answer. It must be signed before a notary and filed.