Length of time for NC divorce


I have a couple questions regarding NC divorce and the time frame. Once the divorce papers are filed, my ex is willing to come sign for them and has offered to do the waiver of response paperwork to avoid the 30 day waiting period. Generally I know that you then have to schedule a hearing. However, is it possible to submit the paperwork without a hearing so a judge signs off on the divorce since it is uncontested and both parties have signed the papers? I heard that this can be done, but wanted to double check. Is this a case where an attorney would be helpful as they can submit everything, and have a judge sign the decree without the need to schedule a court date?

How long should it take from the date the papers are filed for the divorce to be finalized assuming the waiver of response and further action is submitted as well?



In some counties you can submit a motion for summary judgment along with a prepared judgment and the divorce will be granted without a formal hearing, in others a hearing is required, even in cases where summary judgment is appropriate. The amount of time it takes for the divorce hearing (whether the presence of the parties is required or not) depends on the docket and scheduling procedures in your county.