How long does it take?

Husband & I have been separated over a year & a day - I typed up the Divorce Complaint & plan to take it & my $160 to the clerk to file it today or tomorrow. He has his answer ready to go - everything is agreed upon - nothing to split, etc., just want it done. A friend said we will have to wait for 34 days past the filing date, even if he answers today, before we can get it calendared. Once we get a calendar date (usually 2-3 weeks past day 34) - it’s easy - just go w/order in & judge signs & declares divorced. Do we really have to wait the 34 days? Is there any way to get done faster? I just want it d.o.n.e. :slight_smile:

edited to add - It is my understanding there has to be a Plaintiff & Defendant, is that correct? Or can we both just say we want out?

Thanks in advance!

If your husband files an Answer and Waiver of time to further answer you do not have to wait 30 days before scheduling the hearing.

There is no divorce by consent in NC, the Plaintiff must file the action and the Defendant may answer, but it is not necessary.

Awesome! Thank you, Erin.

off to find ‘waiver of time’