Divorce Process

The attorney hasn’t received the certified slip yet saying STBX was served. Before she can file with the court does she have to have proof that he was served? He has moved and will not fwd an address. The post office does fwd certified mail. He claims he hasn’t received anything. If he doesn’t get the mail does the process start over and she has to continue trying to have him served or can she go ahead and file with the court after 30 days?

The defendant must be served before the process can be moved forward. The defendant has 30 days to respond to the Complaint after service has been effectuated. You may want to consider having your attorney serve him via Sheriff’s service.

He has moved to Columbia, SC and I don’t have an address.

You may have him served via sheriff at his place of work.

He is self employed. Can he be served when I meet him to pick up the kids?

Yes, so long as he is served via sheriff.