Serving Divorce Papers

I can file for Divorce on June 21. However, my STBX was kicked out his Charlotte, NC home and is now staying with family in Columbia, SC. He will not give me an address. My attorney said it will be best to wait until we go to court in July for perm custody and she will ask for his address in court. I don’t want to wait. i already know the divorce processs will take a couple months if not longer and I just want to be out the marriage. the attorney did say if he can’t be served I can place an ad in the paper and that it would be additional money for me to pay her and the process is long. what is the process of putting the ad in the paper? How much does that cost? Is there anything else I can do?

You may attempt to have him served by sheriff in SC, often times they will call the Defendant on the phone and require that they come and pick the papers up.

If that method does not work, I suggest you wait until July to get the address in court, as service by publication will take longer.

Thanks. If SC sheriff serves him does my attorney just forward the documents to SC? How does that work?

Yes, your attorney will send them to the sheriff in the proper SC county.

The attorney claims that she needs an address. I gave her his brother’s address. She said if he doesn’t live there she can’s send it. He does not have an address. He is staying at various people houses. Is there any other way of serving him. Can I take the papers to the sheriff and have them call him?

You do need an address. In NC the sheriff’s department will call the Defendant if he cannot be located at the address listed on the Summons, but I do not know the process in SC.