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I don’t know if this applies to you but, a friend of my had a similar situation. He put his wife through school and she became a personal councilor. She cheated on him. Since he put her through school to get her degree/certification she was on the hook to pay him a percentage of her business. I don’t know if her practice was already off the ground or not. I don’t think it was but, because he put her through school while they were married her potential revenue was at risk. Needless to say she signed the separation agreement and she went her own way. No children. Ask an attorney

Also, wasting marital assets can be grounds for a divorce. Ask an attorney.

I don’t know if the e-mails can be used. Possibly, if it was your computer and you had full access to the accounts. Ask an Attorny.

It could save you from paying alimony since you make more than him. Ask an Attorney

Hope this helps

In order to give you an opinion as to the division of your assets I would need to meet with you personally and review your situation. If you were to litigate the court will take into account the fact that you supported him while he went to school. You may be in a position where you owe alimony because of the vast difference in your incomes. Custody will be determined based on the best interests of your children, and will on how capable you each are of taking care of the children and how the two of you have traditionally cared for the children.

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I have been married for what would be 5 years this coming April. I have an interesting situation.

We moved to NC and hub went back to school. I supported him while in school (he had some scholarship) and also paid child support to his ex ($300 a month) for the 5 year span. He graduated and now has a job.

I make about 5-6 times more than he does, and I have a bonus of about 40K each year. WE put down 25% on the house, which was all money from my first house.

We have 2 kids-1.5 and 3.5. My main concern is them and getting full custody.

We are about to get a divorce because I found him “cheating” on the internet on two separate occasions. I copied the emails and the responses. I cant prove he did it, but I do have the emails showing intent.

Do I have any kind of case or am I going to be taken to the cleaners? Does it count that I paid his child support for those years or that I worked while he went to school?

I dont even care about getting child support-I just want full custody of my children and to make sure I can get as much of my assets back as possible.