I moved to NC with my then fiance almost 4 years ago,we are married now. The house is just in his name due to me having to wait for my job transfer and could not be here to look at houses and such. Im 98% sure we are getting a divorce and he tells me I am screwed due to the house being in his name and I will get nothing. My son from a previous marriage also moved here with us. I can prove that I pay him money every month to cover my half of the bills. House payment etc. Is he right? Are my son and I just going to be left on the street? Thanks for any help you can give me.


Just because the house is titled in his name only, does not mean that it is automatically his separate property. You have spent marital funds to cover the mortgage payments each month, so there is marital equity in the house. I suggest you read our article about Equitable Distribution to gain an understanding on how property division works in North Carolina.