Property division

Dear Attorney and anyone who can help:

My husband and I have been married since 2003. He suddenly wants a divorce because he had an affair, and is having mid life crisis.

In the last few months, He starts to drink a lot and is violent. He tries to send me to my daughter’s home, can he do that by force so that we are seperated?

I have never worked since we were married, what do I receive in order to survive? I speak not so much english as I wasn’t born here. He doesn’t want to pay me anything or will not give any property to me. He said he built the house and my name was never on it, which is true, my name was never on it. But He has the house built before we got married just one bedroom, not it’s 3 bedrooms, and much bigger do I get any of these if he files a divorce?

He has closed my name on all his bank accounts last month, so What property I am titled if he forces to divorce?

Domestic violence is a crime. Nobody can force you to do something against your will. You did not identify your native language. Do you have a family friend or acquaintance that speaks your native language as well as English? Are you still a citizen of another country? If so, you may be able to obtain assistance from their consulate or embassy.

In a worst case situation, you should call a domestic violence hotline. They could provide you with legal and other assistance. This is much better than staying in an abusive relationship.

He cannot force you to leave. You are eligible to receive an equitable division of the assets that are considered marital or divisible under the statute.§50-20-distribution-by-court-of-marital-and-divisible-property-upon-divorce/

It also sounds like you are a dependent spouse and would therefore be eligible for alimony.