Divorce Questions

There is no such thing as filing for legal separation in NC. Separation begins the day that one of you move from the marital residence to live separate and apart from each other.

One year and one day of separation is required prior to filing for divorce.

you can not live together. If you are living together, you are not separated.

Who leaves the marital property is decided between the couple. There is nothing that states who must leave, only that one of the couple must leave the marital residence and begin residing elsewhere for the year separation to begin.

I believe that you can file charges for communicating a threat. I am not certain that threats alone would be enough to warrent a restraining order, but they probably have been given for less on occasion.

North Carolina does not have a specific legal status of separated. You are legally separated on the date you begin to live separate and apart. You must actually live in two separate residences to be considered living separate and apart. You must be separated for one year and a day before you an file for divorce.

If your spouse is threatening you, you can absolutely file for a domestic violence protective order. You can find information about it on our website or you can contact Interact, with is a victim advocacy program.

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When a spouse files for a legal separation what does this entail?

How long does a couple have to be separated before a divorce is final?

Do they have to live in two separate households OR can they live under the same roof if they are NOT functioning as a couple?

Does the spouse who is filing for the legal separation have to leave the premises?

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