i have 4 minor children. i am trying to file for a divorce in nc. i was told i had to file in sc because i only lived here for 4 weeks, but a sc attorney told me to file in nc because i dont know where my husband moved too. im trying to get custody, but in addition to that the reason i want the divorce is due to domestic violence. he abused me for years last known on file with the police dept in nc was in 04 then have a file at a shelter in nc this year, trying to get a restraining order in sc because he wouldnt let me file one up here because the last time it happened was in sc. i have no income relying on family for everything and legal aid in nc wont help they said they dont do divorces and sc wont help either. i need advice. im afraid he will file for custody and then i will lose my children. what should i do? i need help we have no real assets unless you consider furniture, but i dont want that. i need an attorney but i cant afford one that is expensive. please help

Since no party to the action still resides in SC, you may file for custody in North Carolina. Please contact our client liaison for a referral to an attorney in your area. She can be reached by dialling the main number and selecting extension 100.