Moved out of state

Dear lisalmercer:

Greetings. My suggestion is that you contact an attorney’s office, like ours, that does initial consultations over the telephone. You need to immediately file a Domestic Violence restraining order and let the judge help you. I would suggest that you file here in North Carolina. I suspect that you could also file a domestic violence restraining order in West Virginia, but you truly need to speak with a family law attorney for that. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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Raleigh, North Carolina 27607

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Hi! I havea a 2 year old child and two weeks ago my father in law called and told me my husband was three months behind on everything and he thinks hes on drugs, i asked my fil if he would give my husband the money to fight me for my son and he said no cause he doesnt want him. i ponded my wedding ring put my son in the car and moved to WV to be with my parents, my husband has choked and slapped me and hes bruised our son twice, hes very verbally abusive to both of us my son is scared of him the list os so long ive tried shelters but they wouldnt work. But now that in in WV im scared because no lawyers will talk to me here because its out of state and i cant find a lawyer in NC to talk to me over the phone, my husband told me hed slit my throat before he would pay child supprt and hes coming this weekend to get my son, i dont want him alone with my son but i have a feeling i have no choice and i have no way to go back to NC. any suggestions?