Several issues

I hate situations like this because it puts control in the hands of the person who left because he is using intimidation and fear to prevent you from taking action. First off…get a lawyer immediately. If you fear for your safety, tell your lawyer. I hate that fear of safety prevents action, but I understand how it could. What it does is give your husband more power (which is what abusers do) to get what they want. It is hard to stand up to abusive, bullying people. Documentation would have been helpful if you wanted to get a restraining order.

I would get a lawyer and consult about your options. I hope it doesn’t take an act of violence to get things rolling for you.
Good luck and be strong.

Dear theseuss:

Greetings. My advice is to file for child support and/or alimony. Good luck.

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My husband and I have been separated for 10 months. He left and I have stayed in our home. We have not signed a separation agreement and he has not helped out financially at all which has put a huge strain on me. He has recently told me that he has started hanging out at bars. This is very frustrating to me because the money he is spending could be used to pay our bills. He has also been seen out with different women doing who knows what. Also he was physically abusive to me during our marriage. At the time I was afraid to do anything because I figured he would leave me if I did. Well he left anyway. I wonder if I made a mistake by not calling the cops because when we have recently talked I still see that temper of his and I am afraid that he will just get worse. Any advice you could give me regarding any of this would be appreciated. Thanks!