Divorcing a legal immigrant (PR but not a citizen)

I am trying to obtain an absolute divorce without a lawyer. I have all the forms (filled out!), but I have two questions regarding divorce in North Carolina.

  1. I have been a resident of NC for a year, and have been separated from my spouse for almost 3 years (he lives in California). Therefore I qualify for filing for an absolute divorce in NC, however my husband is a legal immigrant. Meaning he has permanent residence in the U.S., but he is not a citizen. He is a UK citizen. Can I still use the “do-it-yourself” kit, or is it a more complicated process? And will I need a lawyer? I really can’t afford one…

  2. I lived in Durham for 9 months, but am now living in another county. I’d like to file all my paperwork in Durham, but will I run into trouble now that my address is in another county?

Thank you very much! I hope to hear from you soon.

Your husband’s citizenship is not an issue, and you may proceed with divorce in the usual manner.
You should file in your county of residence to ensure the process runs smoothly.