DIY Separation Agreement/Non-US marriage

My husband and I were married in St Lucia in 2008. I have tried several different free online separation agreement forms but they only have options for United States marriages. Both of us are strapped for money financially and are trying to do this as inexpensive as possible, an attorney we looked at was charging $700 to write this up for us. Is there a way to write up an agreement that is free for a marriage in the Caribbean? It is a simple agreement, we’ve been separated for 9 months already and I need to refinance the house in my name. All of our property has been separated except the house, no children or any other complicated things. Thank you.


My question to you would be are you US citizens or are you working on obtaining citizenship? If at least one of you are then there should not be any kind of problem with your filings. People get married in other countries all the time so this should never be a true issue. The only real thing they ask for on most of the forms I have seen are addresses (which can be left blank on the SA), how long have you been in the state/county, and anything about division of children and assets/expenses. I was just looking at mine, which I did for free on another site (sorry but I found that one first) called rocketlawyer. The only expense I have had was for the filing fee at the Smithfield Register of Deeds and that was a nominal $26. As long as you 2 agree on everything then you can get away without all the lawyers and their “black box of information” that many charge you for. I have learned a lot from the videos here at

We are both citizens, no issues there. I was also using Rocketlawyer and on the DIY SA it asks “date and location of marriage” so I assumed it meant technically when and where, and they only list US options. It is filed in Davidson County so I figure I can just put that? I didn’t think it would matter, just wanted to check. Thank you for your response!