Overseas Marriage, Uncontested Divorce


My husband and I met and married in England in 2008. He is a UK Citizen and I am an American Citizen. The summer after we were married we moved to the US and settled down. Not shortly after our wedding we started having real issues and grew further and further apart. We did not handle the stress of our new home very well and just six months after our wedding we had separated.

We both still reside in Wake County and have made lives for ourselves outside of our marriage. We are looking to move on with our lives and are finally seeking a divorce. Given the timeline aforementioned we have been separated for over a year now but I am nervous about filing. One, I worry about his status to stay here in the US after the divorce (however I know this is a question more geared towards an immigration lawyer) as he is happy here and has more opportunity here than he ever did in England.

We will only be filing for an uncontested divorce or absolute divorce as we have no children or property in our marriage and alimony is out of the question.

I have seen a lot of sites online claiming for a relatively small fee they will fill out the appropriate forms needed for an uncontested divorce so that all you have to do is file.

I have been through the website and found the DIY divorce (which is an excellent tool by the way) but I would feel much safer having a pro complete the forms, or at least a lawyer to double check to make sure everything is perfect before filing.

Do you offer any type of service to simply fill out the uncontested divorce forms or do you recommend one of the websites that claim to provide this service?

If not, if I were to fill the forms out myself could I make an appointment to have a lawyer review them to see if they have been done correctly and are ready for the court room?

Thank you for your time! This website has been a true gem to stumble upon. All of the videos and links are very helpful and I now understand more about the process and journey I’m about to embark on than ever before.


We do not offer a service through DIY to fill out the forms for you, but we do offer a service to complete the entire divorce on your behalf.

If you prefer to take the do-it-yourself route you may make an appointment with a lawyer for a consultation, and he or she will review the forms for you.

I wish you all the best!