Do I have an alienation of affection case?

I would like to know if I have a possible alienation of affection case, even though we live in VA? We live in VA & wife has admitted to an affair with someone from another state(not NC). However, my wife spends most of the summer in NC. Does the fact that she lived in NC & had contact with him via phone & text for a few of the 10 months she was having the affair enough to make a case? I don’t know if he was ever in NC during that time. We are currently in the process of divorce. Thanks-

You can only sue the paramour for alienation of affection if the acts giving rise to the action occurred in North Carolina. We talk about jurisdictional issues with alienation of affection claims in our article: Infidelity and Alienation of Affection.

I’d read the link about what i needed to file a case but the hard part is coming up with the money for the consultation when you get some time i would like to chat with someone about where do i go from here

We’d be happy to discuss the details of your alienation of affection claim and talk about your next steps. Feel free to schedule a consultation and we can discuss the best way to proceed with your case.