Do I have proof enough?

I have a question for you…How did you obtain the information on the computer ? I’ve been doing a little reading on this myself, and if she gave you her password etc.that means you she gave you permission. Or if you got this by finding a file with the information in it, that is an open file on the computer that’s ok too. But if you got this information by other means, there could be a privacy problem. This area is still new, and a little tricky. I hope the info. helps…

Dear Toast:

Alljams is correct that if you have gone out onto the internet, accessed your wife’s e-mail, and printed those out that you may have violated a federal law.

My answer is YES, you still need to hire a private investigator. Remember that you need to prove that she is having an affair, and if you cannot use the e-mails in court (which I would guess that you will not be able to do due to the potential privacy invasion), then you will need more solid evidence of their relationship (more than phone records. Thanks

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I have proof of my wife’s affair now with emails and a phone bill with this guys number on it. Emails explaining what, how and when they are going to conduct this act. Do i need more information than this or is this enough to prove my case? My wife is going out this weekend for some “private time” and according to thier email, she is going out to meet him. Do i still need a PI? I cannot find a lawyer to really speak to me about it that much. My funds are very limited.

Thank you for you time and concern.