Do judge's listen to 11 year old's views about visitation?

My 11 yo refuses to see her father, which is fine now because we don’t have a custody agreement or consent order. We do need to create an agreement however because things are getting dicey with our 4 year old. If we were to end up in court to settle our views on custody for him, would a judge be likely to take my 11 year olds viewpoints into consideration related to her visitation schedule?

This question was just recently asked by another person.

Yes, judges may listen to a child’s views about visitation, however, they are under no obligation to abide by them. They have more factors to consider than whether or not a child wants to live with a certain parent. The overall well-being and best interests of the children are the concern of the judge and truthfully, in my experience, the judges tend to favor the parent that facilitates communication and visitation with the other parent.


I think teens really need a male figure. (Some study says if there isn’t one then boys have a 50% chance of going to JuVee (sp?) and girls have a 50% chance of getting pregnant.)

Going before a judge is dicey. Is the father good, bad, or ugly? If he is good then you really should try to bribe your daughter or something. If the father is bad then I’m not so sure of those studies.

Good luck to you, your daugher, and your 4-year old.

He is probably going to get visitation if he requests it, even career criminal drug addicts that were never involved with their children typically get some supervised visitation. What he gets would depend on a lot of variables on how good of father he can be proved to be and the individual judge.