Do motions expire if not scheduled to be heard?


Dear newwife:


  1. It is heard when the motion to dismiss is set or when the original motion is set. It can be heard prior to the motion, but usually we try to conserve time and set everything at the same time.

  2. Motion to dismiss means that the person filing the motion believes your action does not have merit. An answer to a motion is simply a document supplying the court with more information about the situation.

  3. The motion is valid until it is set for hearing and it is either granted or denied. Yes, it stays open. Yes, in the case of custody the entire custody action (except for maybe attorney fees, etc.) is moot once the child is no longer a minor. Thank you and good luck.

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Hello -

I was hoping you could answer a few legal questions for me

  1. When a motion to dismissed is filed in response to a motion, when is it heard? The same time as the original motion?

  2. What is the difference between a motion to dismiss and an answer to a motion?

  3. If one files a motion, attends mediation with no resolution, and hasn’t made any effort to calendar the hearing, how long is the motion valid? Does it stay open, able to be scheduled, indefinitely? In the case of custody, would the motion automatically be dismissed once the child is no longer considered a minor?

Thanks for your time and knowledge!