Does he have rights to the equity of my home?


Hi. I bought my house when my ex husband and I were dating. We did not add his name to the deed during our marriage. It remains in my name. It did, however, increase in value during the time we were married. He also helped pay mortgage and bills for about one year after we were married. We were married for 7 years. He didn’t work or contribute financially after that year.

Is he entitled to any of the equity the house accrued during the marriage? THANK YOU


He is entitled to the marital equity in the house. That would include any active increase in the value of the home (from renovations or other improvements) that took place during the marriage, as well as the equity that was built from paying the mortgage with marital funds. All money earned during a marriage is marital, so even if you were paying the mortgage with money you earned during the marriage, those payments are still considered to come from marital funds.