Property Question


So, I am reading this as he bought this house before you were married. I was a similar situation, only I bought my house before I married my ex. He was only entitled to 1/2 of the rise in equity from the day we married until the day he moved out. I would definitly consult an attorney, though. If you were helping pay payments even before the marriage and your name is now on the deed (my ex’s wasnt) then you might have more claim on it.



My husband mortgaged our house in his name only before we were married, but living together. I contributed to the house payment by writing him a check. (I still have copies of checks). After we were married, we refinanced, but he still mortgaged the house in his name only, however I made sure my name was added to the deed.

I just want to make sure this gives me spouse rights to the property since my name is not on the mortgage but on the deed.

I am planning to move out, and we are planning on a separation agreement, however, he does not feel I should get 50% of the house value.