DOM 17A - we need what?!


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OH YES…the judges care a great deal. Follow the rules at all costs - or it will cost you. Recently I saw a client taxed with approximately $1,500.00 in attorney fees for not completing their initial disclosures. Not good! Good luck.

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Good lord, I got a new mortgage with WAY less information than appears to be required with the new DOM 17A. We have already provided 3 yrs tax returns and proof of income. Is the Judge going to care if we don’t include 1 yrs worth of bank statements and credit card bills? We’ve been in this court before, and all the court ever found relevant was the income, the insurance costs, medical costs and childcare. The last round the Judge said MY personal bank statments and info couldn’t be required by my husband’s ex-wife for their support hearing. I am hoping that will still be the case - that I am entitled to some privacy in their on-going child support issues. Are we going to face any hostility from the Judge for not providing every required scrap of paper? Pro Se this time - last round put him into bankruptcy. Thanks in advance! Karen