Domestic criminal trespass

When separating, my spouse and I agreed verbally and in emails that my spouse would exclusively live in and maintain the primary family home, and I would exclusively use and maintain the secondary vacation home. I do not use the vacation home as my primary residence, but have maintained it and kept it for my personal use. Would it be domestic criminal trespass if he entered the vacation home without my permission? If so, do I need to send an official letter requesting that he not enter?

not an attorney

I know that you can change the locks, as long as you live there and he doesnt…That would keep him out,…if he tried to get in by breaking a window or something, you could have him arrested, because he doesn’t live there …you do…that would be b&e, or vandalism? .i would change the locks.

If you have in writing that it is going to be your residence, I assume that if he was to enter your residence without permission, you could have him arrested, but if you are not there, I am not sure how you would know. If this is a serious concern, I would have the locks changed.