Dual residences


My husband and I separated on Oct 31, 2009. I moved into a mobile home jointly owned in the town I work in and split my time between the town I work in and a jointly owned property in another town. My personal belongings are split between both places. My husband has no personal belongings at either place. He has given me his key to the place out of town but insists he can still go there anytime since his name is on the deed as well. He sometimes shows up unannounced when he knows I am there. This out of town place was meant to be a vacation home. My question is…is it domestic trespass for him to go there? I have changed the locks as a precaution. If he breaks in do I have any recourse?


No, it is not. The vacation home is not your primary residence, therefore each of you still have equal rights to possession of the vacation home.