Dr bills

I’m not an attorney, but…If she had custody, and you were providing health care and paying child support then she is probably liable for the bills, unless you support order or custody order says different. Most Doctor’s and hospitals hold the party who admitted, or made the appointment, liable for any expenses not covered by the health care plan. They may still try to get you to pay it, but once you advise them the other parent made the appointment, they’ll leave you alone. The bad part: If this does go to court, you run the risk of having a judge sympathize with your wife, even though the child support you were paying was meant to help take care of this kind of issue.

Dear cooper:

Greetings. No, if the papers say that she is supposed to send you the papers within ten (10) days of services rendered and she did not, then it sounds like you may not be responsible. However, I will tell you that I think any judge would order you to pay your child’s expenses that occured prior to the child aging out of child support. I know that it does not seem totally fair, but who is to say when she mailed them without the envelope? Good luck.

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my ex is trying to sue for dr bills she purposely held back
until my child graduated stating that the bills occured before
graduation even though she signed papers stating she was
supposed to send me my half of the expenses within 10
days of the services rendered.can she do this?