Driving Time Question

Hello all,

    Do both parents have to automatically split the driving time when it comes to visitation or do you have to have that written into your Separation/Custody agreement somewhere?  My problem is that my ex does not want to help me out in the least (shocker!!).  I could see this being a more serious issue for her if we lived a good distance from each other but we still live in the same county for goodness sake!  We live at least 45 minutes away from each other and she just refuses to come anywhere close to get the kids.  Total driving time for the for each party is [b]Me-3 hours total[/b] and [b]Ex-40 minutes total[/b].  I am getting so frustrated because I don't get to see my kids as much as I want to anyway and I feel her refusal to come to any type of humanly possible arrangement is digging into my time with them even more.

Unless and until there is a formal agreement or court order, there is no automatic rule with regard to transportation or custodial time. You are free to tell her she must come get the children from your residence at the end of your time with the children.