DSS and Parenting Class


I need to know how to handle the following:

DSS was investigating an abuse incident between my soon to ex wife and our 9 yo son. In the end DSS Substantiated Neglect/Improper Disc against her. The incident occurred on March 21 2010 and from March 22nd 2010 until present all three of our children have been placed in my care and she is only allowed supervised visitation.

From March 22nd until June 10th (June 10th being the end of the school year for my 10 yr old and 9 yr old; both kids were frequently late and had abscences as well. The kids were under my care and obviously school was my responsiblity. Caring for the kids during this time was not easy due to the emotional strain of the events and the physical bruising on my sons face. I stayed on top of the kids and made sure that they made up any work necessary and turned everything in.

Both kids finished the year with A Honor Roll and AB Honor Roll (which I thought was amazing considering what they and I were going through).

On June 2nd 2010 the DSS worker came by for a scheduled visit and mentioned the tardies and abscences… note the kids only had 4 more school days left in that school year at that point.

In the end DSS recommended Parenting Classes for me due to the tardies/abscences… what bothers me is that they took ONE thing into account. The abscenses and tardies only… not the kids performance despite the difficult time… they didnt interview the Therapist that I had both kids seeing they didnt discuss with the schools prinicipal if tardies/abscences and even slipping grades would be normal for a child/children going through this ordeal.

School starts again 1 week from today… much time has past and I see NO reason why I would have trouble with tardies and abscences with the kids since both are doing well now with the events of March 21.


What can I do to fight DSS on the mandation of Parenting Classes for me? I was since March 21 and am still their SOLE caregiver… life hasnt been easy but we have made it through the hard part. What can I do? Shouldnt they at the very least allow me say 2 months and look back at those 2 months and see if the issue of tardies/abscences has been corrected?



You may try and negotiate with your case worker however if you cannot reach an agreement I strongly suggest you follow the recommendation of DSS and take the classes.

I too am being referred for “parenting classes” and my two daughters, ages 6 and 8 are being referred for therapy due to a false report of neglect/abuse/sexual abuse by their father, my ex-husband. After enduring the entire summer of his abduction of my daughters and alienation from me, as well as them being allowed to be drugged by his new wife and taken to psychologists, having a sexual assault exam done on them, and more, I was awarded temp sole custody of them with his only being allowed one day a month with them. I failed to get a court-ordered custody agreement when we separated and ulitmately divorced, allowing him to have them for a visit and try to keep them forever. Anyway, I’m angerered at being referred for parenting classes, as none of his allegations were founded and all were disproven in court. And the judge highly advised against my continuing the girls in mental health/counseling/therapy, as prior to their abduction, there were never any signs/allegations/evidence of them needing it for any reason. I will follow whatever things I must, but I am not happy about it at all! I am thankful that I have a lawyer, however, so that if any further court action is needed, I can move forward with it. We are currently seeking supervised visitation for their father and I refuse to allow his wife any contact with them at all.