Please Help-Can't Afford Attorney

My husband walked out on me back in December and moved an hour away. He has constantly threw up my work schedule against me, I work a rotating schedule. I change shifts every month and he says that he knows he will get custody because he only works weekends and has four days off during the week. We have worked together so far besides him threatening me with a lawyer everytime he doesn’t get his way. I sent something about when she starts school(shes 2) and he again flipped out on me saying that he will in no way budge and she will go to school in the county he lives because his whole family knows the school system and his sister works in the same school system. I am freaking out now because he will be able to see her off to school daily whereas I cant. I wish I could get a different job but unfortunately i cant.
He also throws up that his mom, who adopted him is “in” with DSS and they love her since they adopt special needs kids. Right now my husband is living with his mom because she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and he has to help them out. So he is staying with my daughter when he has her, and there are 5 special needs kids living in the house, his mom who just had surgery and his dad.

My question is, realistically how does the school issue work? Can he use my work schedule against me? What are my options? I know I need a lawyer but he left me with nothing and I make too much money to go thru DSS.

Your work schedule is not definitive on who will be awarded custody. I suggest you make arrangements to speak to a lawyer in the immediate future. Depending or your circumstances you may be entitled to have the court order your ex to pay your attorneys fees.