Custody/Schooling issue


I would like some advice.

My husband and I went to court just last week, a temporary hearing to decide where our daughter would go to school. Our lawyers had an in-chambers discussion with the judge and he told them that he would rule for a school in the middle of my husband and I. I was fine with that. It was a good school and I’m about being fair.

Unfortunately that school and the other school in the “middle” are full and will not allow my daughter to attend because my husband and I live out of the school districts. Now we arguing again. My husband has enrolled her in his district school and I have enrolled her in mine. We have TRUE 50/50 custody with one week on/one week off. I have her the week school starts. My lawyer says that there is nothing they can do until another temporary hearing but that will be after school starts. I moved out of the marital home because my husband left us in unsafe living conditions and refused to fix it up. I live with my family in the next county and cannot afford to live on my own, yet my lawyer says that I might lose because I moved out of the marital home?? The house is literally FALLING IN!

What do I do? I have the ablility to take my daughter to school every day, pick her up every day. The school I am wanting is in my district, is VERY highly rated compared to the one in my husbands district, and I have told him I would drive 1/2 way on his weeks to meet him and take her myself. He makes 3 times what I make yet expects me to drive an extra hour to drop her off and pick her up, he JUST has made one payment on child support after a year and a half of separation and we don’t have a marital agreement yet. PSS hearing is the 31st. I really really need advice. My lawyer is out for the rest of this week and I am going crazy.

Thank you for your help.


The judge will have to address this issue, and I suggest you have your lawyer schedule a hearing before school begins.