School problems

I have joint legal custody and a 50/50 split. Ex and minor child decided he should go to a public school next year and my ex enacted the transfer over my objections. New school is out of district and there is no transportation for my son. I teach school and cannot pick up my child at his dismissal time due to my working hours. One of the requirements for an out of district school is that the parents must provide transportation. Well, this parent can’t provide transportation. We are scheduled for Court on Tuesday concerning this issue. In my situation, everyone but me gets to have authority and I feel as though my parental rights have been obliterated. What does the Court expect someone to do? Since when is the child allowed to make decisions as seems to be the case in my case? If the Court is going to parent my child, then is the Court going to provide my son a way home? This best interest of the child is BS. If it can’t be done, then it can’t be done. The Court takes away my rights. The Court takes away my money and the Court creates an impossible situation for me. This Court does anyway. My ex can do no wrong and whatever he decides is the way it is. Got the whole Courtroom reserved and Court isn’t even in session next week. What does that tell you? Plenty.