Broken Hearted Father

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but it sounds like everything is in your favor here. However, we all know that there are those Judges who’s decisions defy logic and common sense. Hopefully you’re not in Carteret or Union County where common sense has no place in the court room.

Glad you posted here. I replied on the Parenting Issues post.

I am in a situation here. My ex-wife is trying to gain custody of my son. He has been living with me for over 10 years. She has never paid a dime for anything relating to my son. My wife and I are getting ready to move and we were served via u.s.postal service and was notified of the court date a week and a half before the movers are supposed to come. Guess what day the court date is?? The day the movers are coming. My ex-wife dropped my son off to me at 5 years of age and I took him with open arms. My present wife has been there through think and thin helping me raise him. My son is an A B student and is currently in honors classes with the potential to get into a great college or university. My wife and I have a stable home, we have great jobs, and we have two smaller children that are results of our marriage. All boys. My ex wife has had three jobs in the last year, she is living with a guy and the house is his. She lives out of our county and is using the excuse that she doesn’t want him to change schools. According to the school it is capped. So there are no excuses for anyone living out of the county to go to this school. I love my children so much it would devistate me to lose him to her. Will a judge take my son from a stable home?? We he allow him to go and live with his mother who doesn’t have a stable home? My ex has a son from a previous marriage and she allowed him to quite school in the 8th grade because he had failed so many times. She blamed him for this!!! It is not his fault she didn’t care enough to help him. I just hope I have a chance to keep my son. I am worried about the courts favoring the mother. She has lived wth three other guys before this one and has dragged her son from the previous marriage through all that. Will any of this help me??