Custody HELP!



My ex and I both work for power companies and I rotate shifts each month(1st, 2nd, 3rd, or weekends). Since separating he is throwing up my work schedule as a means to get custody. He works weekends only(and frequent overtime). I do work overtime but only in storm related emergencies. He says he knows he will get custody because he has 4 days off during the week to spend with our child but during the three days he does work he never sees her. He also brings up the fact that his mother(who adopted him) has strong connections with the court system and DSS since she they have adopted many special needs kids.

Also, we had nothing together and he says that even though he makes seven dollars more an hour than me that he will not have to pay any child support. We do have two cars, both of which are in his name which he is saying he will take both and leave me to walk since he knows I have bad credit.

He will be able to borrow money for a lawyer but he knows I will not be able to and make too much I’m sure to get any income related assitance.

I know these are all questions I will have to hire an attorney over but when I have no money to hire an attorney I am at a total loss. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!


Depending on the details of your case you may be entitled to get your husband to pay your attorney’s fees.

Don’t let him intimidate you with his “connections”, a family court judge will preside over your custody case not a DSS worker.

If you have two cars you should receive one of them.

Child support will depend on what the custodial schedule is. Based on the facts you list, it may make sense to have your child with her father when you are working to avoid day care costs, and even so your work schedule would allow you to have your daughter for a substantial amount of time.