DV emergency call

How do I aquire or subpoena the 911 tape for a hearing or trial? Months back I called 911 after he abused me and during the call he took my phone and hung up on the operator and threw my phone, they called back while he was still in the house. The sheriff did not charge him with interferance, since that time in a DV trial I was originally given a 50B order that was modified the next day by his attorney to a 50C because of his military status for using a weapon. During trial he claimed in his testimony that he never abused me and left the house. The 911 tape will prove his story to be a lie (and his conversation while I was on the phone). I will need it to prove misconduct. Thanks for your help, this is important.

You are going to have to do some digging to determine where you need to send the subpoena. I would start with your local police station.