DVPO defense


My ex filed an ex parte DVPO for a comment I made via phone. Now, she is bringing up things that happened YEARS ago. Clearly if she were in fear for her safety or that of the kids, she would have done this a long time ago. Anyway, I don’t have the funds to hire an attorney for this, but was told that I have the right to ask the court for copies of anything that is in the file relating to the court hearing. I have asked for continuance. The order doesn’t have the boxes checked for minor children, so I assumed this order was just for her protection? It says I need to stay away from school/day care etc. So, how will this affect my custody/visitation if it is granted? I also got a call from child protective svcs? Are they automatically notified when a DVPO is requested?


If the DVPO is granted, the judge will make arrangements to facilitate your visitation.
CPS is contacted in cases where a DV complaint is filed and there are minor children in common.