ED and whats the worse case scenario

Im in a battle with my ex and his lawyer right now with ED. They submitted all the information, Cars,401K, taxes, house ect…All I did was put the numbers into a spread sheet and add home furnishings at a fair market value. They are saying they dont agree with the numbers all together. He is also trying to say we borrowed money from his mom for wedding 9 years ago and stuff for the house. Both of which I have no idea about. I never heard of any of this until now. I was a stay at home mom and hes a pilot. He didnt allow me to work or go to school to better my education. I never had access to anything he made. He controlled it all and gave me an allowance. In 9 years i didnt have access to a marital credit card or a joint bank account. I left with $56 in my pocket and personal belongings. I want my lawyer to file for intermin dist and he wont. I need money and i dont know what to do.

  1. How successful is someone representing themself at an ED case.
  2. Where can I get an Inermin dist for to file a motion myself.
  3. Whats worse case the judge rules if I were to go alone.
  4. Will i get at least 50%.
  5. How fast can cash be freed up in an intermin dist case?
  1. ED trials can be fairly complicated, and there are required hearings you would need to attend in addition to the actual ED trial.

  2. If you are interested in filing a motion for interim distribution, consider using our Rosen Online Service. This service only costs $199/month, gives you access to our library of legal forms and communication with an online attorney. That could be a good resource for you to use if you chose to file you interim distribution motion pro se.

  3. I truly cannot advise you about your ‘worst case’ in terms of how the judge will rule. The judge will make his or her ruling after looking at all the factors in your individual case.

  4. Without knowing the full facts of your case, I cannot say whether you will you be awarded at least 50% of the marital estate. The law in North Carolina does state that the presumption is that each spouse should get 50% of the marital estate, but there are plenty of factors that can show a need for one spouse to get an unequal distribution.

  5. If the judge rules in your favor, the order will state a specific time frame in which your spouse must provide you with the funds.

Thank you this helps. I know that his lawyer was trying to say more 401K and I said NO. Cash in hand is key. He can take a loan out on the house if he needs to.