Ed not settled and house threatened with foreclosure

My ED is still not settled after 4 yrs. My first attorney basically screwed me in his wording of my temp court order regarding our mortage. Once he realized what he did got released as my attorney and i was left without one for 4 months all the while my ex was very busy doing things behind my back. I have written repeatedly to the mortgage co for help. I was approved a loan modify and all was going well until my ex called in canceled it. i was not informed and they continued to accept my modify payment. i only learned of this when it hit my credit report. My ex is still on the loan and with ed still going on i cant get him off. he has his own company and supposedly has not had a raise or bonus since we separated. very convenient huh? I need to know what i can do to keep my house. i got approved for my modify with my info and hardship and i signed all the paperwork, my ex did not. How do i not lose my house?

You will need to work with the bank on that issue. The court cannot do anything to force the bank to modify your loan, or force the bank to release your husband from the current loan.