ED of property acquired before marriage

Lived together for about 5 years and then married for about 2. Several cars and boats were purchased before marriage and used by spouse during marriage. Spouse sold them or took them during separation. Can these be shown on the ED-EZ to at least get credit during the ED accounting? Or, can they be addressed somewhere in the ED package? Thanks!

I’m not quite sure what ED package you are talking about. To learn more about how ED works and what is considered marital property, read the following article: Equitable Distribution.

Really appreciate your answering this and the other 2 question.

I’m referring to the sheet that is presented to the court listing the property in question for ED. There are many versions of it but all list the item, its value and current status. The items I ask about are technically not martial because they were bought before marriage but they were used by the spouse and he even took them with him, or sold them, during separation. Can I/Should I list them? Thanks again.

The form I am familiar with is an ED inventory affidavit; if this is the form you are using you need to identify all assets and liabilities that were in existence as of the date of separation - so you should definitely include your separate property that your husband left with. If he sold your separate property during the marriage, you can reference that in the “contentions” section of the affidavit.