ED: property acquired before marriage

Absolute divorce granted and ED in process. Ex left town and responded to ED filing that there was no martial property.

Lived with Ex for many years before we got married. I paid for many things for us before marriage (but during cohabitation) and am still paying for many. Examples include: truck that he is still driving; vet bills for cats that he has; boat that he he recently sold; tools that he uses in his work.

I have receipts and payment records for most of these. I’ve paid on these before we were married, after we were married, and during separation. I paid cash for somethings before we were married but living together.

We bought a house together before marriage. His name is on the deed and the mortgage.

–Can I list things bought for “us” during cohabitation as martial property?
–If no, can I list what I paid on these things during marriage and separation?
–How do I handle the house?

If things were purchased jointly before the marriage, they are not marital, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still jointly titled and they may have been converted to marital property over the course of the marriage based on use and payments made.