If we have a net worth of 2,000,000.00, but not much equity to speak of…maybe 300,000, how does ED work. We bought properties for business purposes, planned on having it for retirement. He is the one who runs the businesses,yet I have money I put in to purchase property for business (around $100,000). Seems I will be really getting the short end of the stick, since I am not able to run 1 company(I know nothing about the business). Do we just split the equity of the business properties? I would like to keep one if this is the case. I would have to find someone to start a new business in it. I assume it would not be that easy. Is it unreasonable to have him have to sign a lease contract for 10 years since he is already in the property? I am somehow trying to protect my investment and make sure I am equally taken care of for retirement.


Yes, you would split the value of the business, which would include the equity in any of the properties, as well as “goodwill”, which is another name for the intrinsic value of a business, and usually has to be determined by a business evaluator.
You could lease him the property for a term of years, however that would leave the two of you financially entangled, which in my experience never ends well.