Two Questions:

  1. How do you list items on an EDA? By physical description or account number. Are you allowed to group the items by catorgory such as "gym equipment or list them individually such as treadmill, bicycle, weight bench, etc.

  2. Do I need to do a discovery, if so how do I find out the procedure for doing so.

Thank you.


Items on a Equitable Distribution Affidavit are normally listed by description, for example- Martial Residence- 123 Main Street Anytown, NC; Wachovia checking, account number ending in 1234, wedding set; etc.

You may lump items of personal property together if you wish, however if there are certain items of the gym equipment you would like to keep and other items you do not it will be more clear if you list them out individually.

As for the discovery, the rules for discovery can be found in the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, Article 5, rules 26- 37.